Get Your Kids To Help You Organize

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Getting your family in the act of organizing can greatly cut down on stress levels. Here are some ways your kids can help you.


1. Make her own bed every day. It may be a little sloppy at first, but it’ll improve with time!
2. Put clothes back in the closet or proper dresser drawer!
3.Put toys back in the toy chest!
4.Water houseplants!
5. Feed the dog, cat or goldfish (if she is reminded)!
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With spring on the way, time to think about cleaning out the garage.
Are you using your garage as a storage room?
Are you able to drive your car into the garage?
Here are some tips to guide you in getting things in order.

1. Start by purging what you no longer need, use or want.
2. Discard anything that is broken
3. Sell or give away what you can
4. Place everything you are keeping in the driveway, grouping items ...

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Streamlining the Morning Routine to Save Time

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Do you find that you are running out the door frantic in the mornings trying not to be late or forget anything important? Here are some ways that you can combat the morning stress.

1. Empty your bags/briefcase as soon as you walk in the door at night and prepare them for the next day. Having a landing station for mail and other items that must enter and leave the house will help.

2. Put everything you will need ...

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Preventing the Paper Pile from E-Mail

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Do you find that e-mail is just another way for your paper to grow each day? This could be because you are too quick to print out every e-mail or attachment that is sent to you. Here are some tips to deal with e-mail more efficiently and preventthe paper pile up.

1. Immediately delete e-mails that are junk, spam or un-important.

2. Create folders within your e-mail program for frequently used topics to get them out of your ...

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5 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Closet

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1. Hang items in color coded order
2. Use all of the same type of hanger (I reccommend wooden or non-slip felt hangers)
3. Maximize the shelf space above your bar with dividers, bins or extra shelving.
4. Always add a second rod to at least half your closet. Closet doublers can be an easy way to accomplish this with no tools.
5. Purge, Purge, Purge. Always make sure what you have in the closet ...

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