Playrooms, Bedrooms & Schedules

Having trouble keeping up with your kids playrooms, bedrooms and schedules?  We can help you!

Whether it is battling the flow of toys, keeping track of school paperwork, or managing children’s clothing, without a clear system families can become overburdened maintaining the daily tasks required run a household with kids. Without constant maintenance and purging toys can slowly creep into every room of your house.  Whether it is small Legos or large playsets taking over your space we know how to create systems to manage it all.

As mothers, we know how frustrating and hard it can be to keep kids toys and clothing rotating and moving out of the house to the next kid.  In addition, keeping up with schedules, afterschool programs, school paperwork etc. can seem like a second job.  Luckily, we have some great ideas to share with busy families like ours. If you hate making the decisions about what to actually keep in your kids areas or you find you are too busy to get started consider giving  Livable Solutions Professional Organizing a call today.

Our team of professional organizers can help you make a plan and get organized.  With our experience, guidance and  enthusiasm we can make any organizing challenge easier.  Livable Solutions professional organizers have organized, homes, offices and small businesses in Connecticut since 2004.  Let our love of organizing be your motivation to achieve your goals.

Our organizing services include:

  1. Creating a step by step plan for you to follow independently or with us at your side
  2. Helping you purge kids’ toys, clothing, school papers and more
  3. Helping you sort remaining items and find places to store them
  4. Creating storage solutions and clearly labeled bins to quickly identify your items in playrooms, closets, bedrooms, garages and other areas of your home where kids’ items land
  5. Setting-up a family intake station for paper, school and kid related projects, schedules and mail
  6. Aiding you in setting up a family calendar to manage events, schedules and more
  7. Planning, organizing, and buying supplies for kids events such as a birthday party
  8. Helping you sell items in the classifieds, online, yard sales, and in consignment shops that you no longer want
  9. Transporting items out of your home and to donation sites
  10. Connecting you with our long list of trusted local resources to complete any repairs,  build shelving, clean or provide,  materials to complete your project or even renovate your kitchen

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