Kristin Mastromarino

Wendy, I can guess that many parents are having the same heart palpitations thinking about the day their kids step off the bus for the last time until September. The fact that you are getting yourself mentally and physically prepared ahead of time is invaluable and very smart! Start with a calendar. Make sure all

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Product of the Week

Goodbye Detergent Outdoor Scrubber These tough scrubbers tackle outdoor messes on patios, grills or garden stones. Made of all-natural materials like walnut shells, magnesia and alumina they are eco-friendly and very durable.  They will outlast traditional synthetic scrubber and reduce the need for wasteful detergents and other cleaners. Click here to view all our great

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Household Cart This Household Cart is the perfect storage solution for every room in your home. With a durable steel construction and an epoxy-coated white finish, this wire cart offers three basket-style shelves ideal for laundry room, garage, bathroom and kitchen storage. With a large shelf bearing capacity, this versatile household cart easily holds heavy


Cleaning the Basement

My basement is a bombing zone. Now that the attic is cleaned, this week let’s work on our basements. Last week Kristin said the basement consisted of our past. This requires skill to dig our way out from under. The strategy behind my basement is to cut the room into sections and begin cleaning out

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