paper organization

Learn how to create an Instant Filing System with this video tutorial from Professional Organizer Kristin Vander Wiede

Have you ever felt frustrated by piles of paper mounting up on your desk, your counters, or shoved in a work bag?  Most of us can’t keep up with what is coming in each day.  That’s why one of my first recommendations when I meet with client’s struggling with paper is to set up a

It is day fifteen of the 40 Bags in 40 Days decluttering challenge.  I am so amazed at all of the great progress so many of you are making in small and large areas. One of you wrote me to let me know that you felt like you were moving too slowly through the process. 

It is day two of the 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge.  Were you able to accomplish one small area yesterday?  Did you find you were able to decide on objects really quickly or are you getting stuck?  Remember to keep your goals small each day as you start so you don’t immediately become overwhelmed

I am really excited to announce our Life’s Lists Instant Filing System is now available for purchase through our Life’s Lists Store.  There is no better time to get your files in order for the coming year than in January. I created this printable Instant Filing System and printable pre-labeled filing tabs, working as a professional

There are many statistics on how long it takes to break a habit.  Whether you look at the length of time it will take or the number of repetitions, the point is that creating a habit is a commitment that takes time.  Often, good organization hinges on breaking thought patterns and physical habits that have

Do you find that e-mail is just another way for your paper to grow each day? This could be because you are too quick to print out every e-mail or attachment that is sent to you. Here are some tips to deal with e-mail more efficiently and preventthe paper pile up. 1. Immediately delete e-mails

Paper is the number one problem for my clients and customers. Tax season tends to highlight the flaws in our paper filing systems each year as we scramble to figure out where to find everything we need. Having the right system from the start can make it a lot easier. Knowing what was challenging this

Pheobe Browning of Feebee Consulting. LLC Fall is here and another year of storing financial documents has almost passed.  This workshop covers IRS rules for keeping tax documentation, what receipts need to be kept and why and what documents need to be kept on hand in case of emergency.  Join us November 13th at noon