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Preventing the Paper Pile from E-Mail

Do you find that e-mail is just another way for your paper to grow each day? This could be because you are too quick to print out every e-mail or attachment that is sent to you. Here are some tips to deal with e-mail more efficiently and preventthe paper pile up.

1. Immediately delete e-mails that are junk, spam or un-important.

2. Create folders within your e-mail program for frequently used topics to get them out of your inbox. For instance, “Family”, “John”, “Project X”.

3. Place e-mails in these folders for quick retrieval and searchability when you are looking to work on the project or refer back to the person.

4. Only print e-mails that require your immediate action or are necessary for a reminder. If you print every one you will start to become inundated with paper and lose track of important ones.

5. If you print e-mails have a designated folder on your desk related to the general topics of the e-mail. That way you can pull the folder when you need it quickly and easily.

6. Only keep the e-mails you must act in your immediate inbox. Otherwise your inbox will get just as confusing as a paper pile.

7. Immediately download pictures, documents etc. attached in emails to your computer. Then you can delete the e-mail and place items in their proper location on your computer. For instance, photos in your photo folders or a work document in the work folder on your desktop.

8. Use search tools like Google Desktop www.google.com to quickly find e-mails through keyword searches. You will find this much quicker for retrieval than sorting through papers when you need to get your hands on a document.

With these quick implementations you will save money on ink and paper, help the environment and feel a little less frantic looking for correspondence.

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