Kitchen Organization

Having trouble navigating your kitchen?  We can help you!

Are you scared to open your kitchen cabinets for fear some dishes will fall on you?  Do you have more small appliances and kitchen gadgets than time to cook?  Are there more plastic containers than matching lids in an over flowing drawer?  We can help!

The kitchen is one of the most central locations in our home.  It is not just for meals.  Many families gather their paper there, do homework at the table or use it as the central gathering place when guests arrive for holidays or a playdate.  Most of us inherited a kitchen that is different from what might have designed from scratch.  But surprisingly, there are many things you can do to customize the space without doing a huge renovation.  If you hate making decisions about what to actually keep in your kitchen or you find you are too busy to get started, consider giving  Livable Solutions Professional Organizing  a call today.

Our team of professional organizers can help you make a plan and get organized.  With our experience, guidance and  enthusiasm we can make any organizing challenge easier.  Livable Solutions professional organizers have organized, homes, offices and small businesses in Connecticut since 2004.  Let our love of organizing be your motivation to achieve your goals.

Our Organizing Services Include:

  1. Creating a step by step plan for you to follow independently or with us at your side
  2. Helping you with meal planning, pantry, freezer and fridge storage solutions and inventorying
  3. Helping you sort kitchen appliances and gadgets and determine what must go
  4. Creating storage solutions and clearly labeled bins to quickly identify your items
  5. Setting up a family intake station for paper, school, and kid related projects, schedules, keys and charging stations
  6. Selling items in the classifieds, online, yard sales, and in consignment shops
  7. Transporting items out of your home and to donation sites
  8. Connecting you with our long list of trusted local resources to complete any repairs,  build shelving, clean or provide, materials to complete your project or even renovate your kitchen

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