Personal Shopping & Errands

Are you having trouble keeping up with errands and managing your time?  We can help you!

Daily routines and work schedules can make it difficult to find time for errands or shopping.  Whether it is going to the DMV or getting the party supplies ready for your daughter’s birthday, we can help you delegate the small stuff and spend more time at home or with family.  We help you shop for the organizing products and storage solutions that you need to get your projects done.  We will also drop items off to the post office, donation drops, consignment shops and manage returns.  We will help with dry cleaning drops, pick up your mail, bring items for mending, do photocopy runs etc.  We can also help you manage your own time to more effectively get these types of errands done yourself.

Our team of professional organizers can help you make a plan and get organized.  With our experience, guidance and  enthusiasm we can make any organizing challenge easier.  Livable Solutions professional organizers have organized, homes, offices and small businesses in Connecticut since 2004.  Let our love of organizing be your motivation to achieve your goals.

Our organizing services include:

  1. Creating a step by step plan for you to follow independently or with us at your side
  2. Running errands to stores, banks, post office, etc.
  3. Meeting repair or service people at your home
  4. Teaching you time management strategies to get more of the details done in your life
  5. Performing donation drops and consignment store runs to remove items from your home
  6. Checking your mail when you are out of town
  7. Connecting you with our long list of trusted local resources to complete any technology related services, repairs, build shelving, clean or provide materials to complete your goals

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