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There are many statistics on how long it takes to break a habit.  Whether you look at the length of time it will take or the number of repetitions, the point is that creating a habit is a commitment that takes time.  Often, good organization hinges on breaking thought patterns and physical habits that have […]

This softly rounded little EcoGen Storage Box looks almost like water-softened river pebbles, but their comfortable shape belies their revolutionary nature. For any ordinary application, they will last forever, but compost them properly and the boxes completely biodegrade, returning to organic material in a matter of months. This small sized box is great in the

Ask The Organizer The summer flew by and I already find myself preparing for the craziness of getting the kids prepared for school.  I want to start out with the right system this year. Do you have suggestions for managing the school papers and bags that seem to accumulate? Janice, Middletown, CT It is hard

Even though its only February, tax season is approaching MUCH more quickly than you think! As the April 15th deadline rapidly approaches most of you are probably scrambling to get files in order, talking to professionals, and gaining a general sense of confusion and disorientation throughout the whole experience.  But with advance planning and organization,

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Here at The Organized Lifestyle we always love a good organizational success story! One of our proud and organized customers has sent us some great photos showing how she used one of our favorite products in her own home. By using OXO Pop Lid Containers our customer was able to create the perfect kitchen pantry!

5 Easy Steps: 1. Purge the junk food and unhealthy food items in your pantry, refrigerator, freezer and cabinets. Read the ingredients (that’s the best way to gauge whether or not it is a healthy choice), if the first ingredients are sugar or fat, this is not a good choice. The words natural, low fat,

1. Store dry food in new plastic or metal garbage cans with lids or large glass containers labeled and close by food dishes. For convenience, use automatic pet feeders. 2. Place cans of pet food on a lazy susan for easy viewing and access. 3. Keep bones & toys in a bin or basket by

Not sure which items to keep and which to toss? Follow these simple rules. Ask yourself these questions: 1. Do I love this item? 2. Have I used this item in the past year? 3. Would it be difficult to replace it if needed in the future? 4. Will I need it on a definite

          I always suggest making a meals ahead of time for the week on Sundays to get a head start on a busy week. If you take the time to store soups, stews, sauces etc., after a tiring day at work you can have great healthy meals at your fingertips. If