Streamlining the Morning Routine to Save Time

Do you find that you are running out the door frantic in the mornings trying not to be late or forget anything important? Here are some ways that you can combat the morning stress.

1. Empty your bags/briefcase as soon as you walk in the door at night and prepare them for the next day. Having a landing station for mail and other items that must enter and leave the house will help.

2. Put everything you will need for appointments, work or errands in the car the night before so you are packed and ready to go.

3. Know what you are wearing the next day before you go to bed. Pick out every detail from the outfit to the accessories and have them ready to go. When you are tired in the morning it is much easier to not have to think, but just follow a thought out plan.

4. Prepare lunches for the kids or work the night before. Grabbing food in the morning can seem like it will only take a minute or two, but a minute can turn into ten. You are more likely to opt for unhealthy take-out and spend more money on food when you already have the supplies to make a healthy meal from home.

5. Be consistent when you go to bed. Ensure that your bedtime will allow you enough sleep to wake up easily the next morning. The more you push the snooze button the greater the chance you will be stressed getting out the door in the morning.

6. Try to get gas or run errands that will affect your morning on your way home. There is nothing worse than running late and realizing your gas tank is empty. Taking the extra five minutes to fill your tank at night will relieve some pressure in the morning.

7. Create a good morning routine with your family. Be sure that the showers are not full when your small window to get out the door on time requires you to be in it. Everyone should know what time they must be up and follow the plan to prevent waiting (and arguing!) in the early morning hours.

8. Build in time to relax a little in the morning. If you are rushing around you will spend the rest of the day feeling that stress. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to wake up, enjoy that cup of coffee, check out the weather, or accomplish that one thing you forgot to do to prevent you from falling behind schedule.

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