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With spring on the way, time to think about cleaning out the garage.
Are you using your garage as a storage room?
Are you able to drive your car into the garage?
Here are some tips to guide you in getting things in order.

1. Start by purging what you no longer need, use or want.
2. Discard anything that is broken
3. Sell or give away what you can
4. Place everything you are keeping in the driveway, grouping items by categories (auto, sports, etc.)
5. Place small items in stackable bins and dangerous or valuable items in bins that lock
6. Hang what you can (garden tools, brooms, folding chairs, bikes, etc.)
Put shelves or cabinets up and/or free standing shelving units
7. Make use of rafters by laying sheets of plywood as a floor


  1. Thanks for the tips! I definitely agree that hanging as much as you can really makes a difference! Our garage is a little crazy and intimidating as we have our walls covered with items. These are some simple and great tips on how to have a clean garage. I think most people become overwhelmed with taking on such a large job, but with your suggestions it can be a breeze. Thanks for sharing!

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