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Digital Organization

Is keeping up with technology and digital files overwhelming you?  We can help!

Technological developments are moving so rapidly it is hard to keep up.  We know how difficult it can be to master the organizing potential your e-mail system offers,  or get frustrated when your phone is not syncing properly with your computer.  We know how aggravating it is to lose a file on your computer you know you saved yesterday.  That’s why we work with our clients to train them how to use basic programs.  We set up custom digital file systems, scan and digitize documents and help you set up technology to work for you in your home or office.

Our team of professional organizers can help you make a plan and get organized.  With our experience, guidance and  enthusiasm we can make any organizing challenge easier.  Livable Solutions professional organizers have organized, homes, offices and small businesses in Connecticut since 2004.  Let our love of organizing be your motivation to achieve your goals.

Our organizing services include:

  1. Create a step by step plan for you to follow independently or with us at your side
  2. Train you to use programs you already use more efficiently
  3. Create a comprehensive paper and digital filing system on your devices
  4. Maintain your digital file system for you
  5. Help you sort through electronics and old devices to determine what should be kept and what should go
  6. Set up your technology to work for you by updating routers, wiring computers, sharing printers, syncing phones, labeling your wires, setting up remote workstations etc.
  7. Set-up a back-up system and archiving plan to protect your digital files and photos
  8. Scan paper and photos into digital files
  9. Manage your bookkeeping, data entry etc. for personal and businesses
  10. Proficiently train you how to use Outlook, Microsoft Office Programs, Gmail, Yahoo, Dropbox, ICloud, Iphoto, Picasa, Quickbooks, Quicken and more.
  11. Help you navigate Ipads, Iphones, Microsoft Surfaces, Android Devices, Kindles, and more
  12. Help you with time management and task completion strategies with your digital media
  13. Connect you with our long list of trusted local resources to complete any technology related services, repairs, build shelving, clean or provide materials to complete your goals