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Binders are one of the most useful organization tools for paperwork gathering and sorting, however, some hesitate to use them because hole-punching can be a difficult step to get the paper to its final home.  The benefits of using a binder can be great if you are looking for an alternative storage method to organizing […]

Getting your family in the act of organizing can greatly cut down on stress levels. Here are some ways your kids can help you. HOUSEHOLD JOBS A 5-YEAR-OLD CAN DO 1. Make her own bed every day. It may be a little sloppy at first, but it’ll improve with time! 2. Put clothes back in

1. Set your top 5 goals for the day at the beginning of everyday. 2. Don’t let meaningless interuptions derail you from completing those goals. 3. Multi-tasking is not always more efficient. Don’t interupt yourself constantly while trying to complete a task. It is better to hold off on the temptation to check the e-mail

1.  Clean out a junk drawer in your kitchen 2.  Pull out 10 items from your closet that you know don’t fit any more. 3.  Match all of your Tupperware lids to their corresponding containers.  Toss the mismatched items. 4.  Match all of your pairs of socks.  Pull aside the mismatches and toss after all

Built In NYC Lunch Bags  These Built NY lunch totes make are a fashionable and light-weight alternative to your standard brown paper bag.  Retail: $19.95 This versatile bag from Baggallini was designed by flight attendants for stylish organization.  We feature an entire line of this popular designer.  The Valencia Bagg is one of the newest

Pheobe Browning of Feebee Consulting. LLC Fall is here and another year of storing financial documents has almost passed.  This workshop covers IRS rules for keeping tax documentation, what receipts need to be kept and why and what documents need to be kept on hand in case of emergency.  Join us November 13th at noon

Children’s playrooms can take up endless hours of time to get in order.  Many parents get to the point that they don’t even try any more because they feel like it is an endless battle.  While it may seem like there is no winning in the playroom, I do have some tips to give you

Toy Room and Kids Organization Principles Are your kids toys taking over your house? Does mom keep bringing over presents for the kid? Is your daughter’s closet already unmanageable and she hasn’t even hit her teen shopping years yet? Come learn how to tackle toy storage, clothing management, and general organizing tips for kids. Taught

The Organized Lifestyle store is a retail store located in Guilford, Connecticut that sells products with a focus on home and office organization. In addition, to products, the store has partnered with Carl’s Closets, a custom closet organization company and Livable Solutions Professional Organizing, which offers on-site services with a professional organizer to help with