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One of my biggest struggles as a mom and a professional organizer is not freaking out every time I enter our playroom!  As you can imagine, I thrive on order. Yet, kids are not orderly by nature and need to have the freedom for creative play.  It has been a difficult adjustment for me to […]

Livable Solutions Professional Organizing - Blog - 7 Playroom Organizing Strategies for Quick Order

Summer is here and I have vacation on my mind…and a family camping trip.  This weekend was my kids’ first outdoor campout with their Scout pack and excitement was in the air.  We did a test run a few months back sleeping in a tent overnight in the backyard.  I quickly realized how much you

Memorial Day is upon us and the world is opening up.  More and more families are traveling again.  This means family ROAD TRIPS!  We spend a lot of time in the car traveling to see family and taking short weekend trips to our vacation home three hours away.  As a mom of two young kids

Learn how to create an Instant Filing System with this video tutorial from Professional Organizer Kristin Vander Wiede

I was just having a discussion with a new client today about what the best way to track your to do list is.  I have to be honest, after 15 plus years of organizing clients, I still don’t have one tried and true system that I recommend.  But, the reason for that is more complicated. 

Have you ever felt frustrated by piles of paper mounting up on your desk, your counters, or shoved in a work bag?  Most of us can’t keep up with what is coming in each day.  That’s why one of my first recommendations when I meet with client’s struggling with paper is to set up a

Paper is the number one problem for my clients and customers.  Tax season tends to highlight the flaws in our paper filing systems each year as we scramble to figure out where to find everything we need.  Having the right system from the start can make it a lot easier.  Knowing what was challenging this

Loved this article from Real Simple Magazine about how to create functional files.  It addresses both paper and digital filing needs. 7 Simple Rules for Functional Files.  If you find you are swamped by paper files you should also check out our Instant Filing System available for instant download at Life’s Lists:  Instant File System.

7 Simple Rules for Functional Files

One of my favorite activities every January is making a vision board for my 2016 goals, dreams etc.  It is pretty amazing to look back at the end of the year and see how well you accomplished your intentions. Vision boards really help the creative and linear thinking person outline what they want to achieve

January is National Get Organized Month.  Do you know what your organizing goals are for this year?  Most people don’t even know how to begin making a plan, but there is something about this month that gets everyone thinking organization.  Maybe it is all of the ads and magazine articles hailing the latest organizing gadgets