Organizing Tip of the Day: How to Live with a Messy Person

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I loved this article in this month’s issue of Real Simple Magazine:  How to Live with A Messy Person.  Over the years I have heard from countless spouses and partners complaining about their significant other’s in ability to put items away or follow the organizational systems they are working s hard to implement in their homes.  Often I tell people it is hard to change someone else’s habits.  This article, written by a married couple that consists of one overly neat and one messy person, discuss with experts how to best compromise and address their current struggle.  It also mentions the book “The Five Love Languages,”  which I often recommend to couples struggling with organizational issues.  I hope these tips make your upcoming Valentine’s Day a little more peaceful and loving in your household.


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Kristin founded Livable Solutions professional organizing in 2004. She made a hobby into a career and loves to help others organize their time, homes and offices.  She also teaches other basic organizing principles through lectures and seminars.
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