Organizing Tip of the Day: The 5 Secrets of People with a Clean Home

I laughed when I read this article The 5 Secrets of People Whose Homes are Always Clean because I realized I already practice them all without thinking about it.  I wouldn’t say I have a spotless home, but I have found that we practice the difference between “tidy and clean.”  The principle is simple, people will perceive your home as more clean if it looks less cluttered.  The more items you have on your surfaces, floors and shelves the more messy/dirty your house seems even if it is cleaned all of the time.  Having a 3 year old makes it hard to have a perfectly sanitized, clean home everyday, but we do have a place for most items and we don’t live in fear of someone popping over unannounced because it isn’t hard to keep our surface clutter at bay.  We have made cleaning dishes immediately after meals, sweeping and wiping down bathrooms regularly such a habit we don’t even think about it as we do it anymore.  How many of these five secrets do you practice in your own life?

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