What’s Holding You Back?

Climbing a Pile of FilesWhen people struggle to manage their time, they very often jump to the conclusion that they are internally flawed somehow, or are incompetent in this area of life.  They throw their hands up in resignation, vonvinced that “out of control” is just how life is supposed to be in the modren world.  Both of these perceptions are totally inaccurate and self-deflating.

Once you learn the skill of diagnosing time management problems you will stop wasting time and energy beating yourself up or working yourself to exhaustion.  Use the quick 3 level diagnostic below to determine the cause of your obstacles and get to work on the proper solution!

Level 1 – Technical Errors:

These are easily resolved mechanical mistakes.  You need a skill or technique you don’t have and information available in books or by asking our personal professional organizers at The Organized Lifestyle will teach it to you.  Once you understand these errors, you simply make the appropriate adjustments to your approach and you’re all set!

Level 2 – External Realities:

These are environmental facotrs that are actually beyond your control.  You didn’t create them, and they put a limit on how organized you can be.  By recognizing these you can stop blaming yourself and find a more direct way to manage or eliminate them. Some examples of external problems are unrealistic workloads, health problems, being in transition, being in an interruption rich environment, or having a disorganized partner.

Level 3 – Psychological Obstacles:

These are hidden, internal forces that prevent you from achieving the life you desire.  If you have conquered all of your technical errors and external realities and are still feeling out of control, its likely that you have a psychological force working against you.  Some examples of these obstacles are having unclear goals and priorities, overscheduling yourself, having a fear of downtime, having a need to be a caretaker to others (but not yourself), having a fear of failure, fear of completion, or fear of disrupting the status quo of those around you. When you realize whats causing certain self-sabotaging habits, you can begin to break free of their control.

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