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What’s Hiding in Your Junk Drawer?

messy_drawerEvery home needs a dumping ground for spare keys, pins, and such, but how fast can you find those items when needed? Even the smallest changes to this drawer sized abyss of junk can make all the difference! If you’re feeling motivated to tackle that scary junk drawer, these steps may help you on your way to organized chaos!

1) Purge: Take everything out of the drawer and lay it out. Create three piles: the Throw Away pile, the Keep in a Different Place pile, and the Keep pile. There may be things that are actually complete junk and need to be trashed or there may be valuable gems you forgot you had! Knowing everything in the drawer and getting rid of the useless objects is the whole point of this step.

2)drawer organizer Plan: Once you have everything sorted and have gotten rid of some extraneous items (hopefully!) you can begin to think about organizing within the drawer itself. Take a look at the items you have chosen to keep in the drawer. You will need a drawer organizer or a system of drawer organizers that can help you keep things seperate and able to be found. For smaller things such as batteries, buttons, safety pins, paper clips, and small items such as these you want to find a series of smaller boxes or compartments. If you have larger items such as scissors, pens, tape dispensers, and scrap papers, you will want to find larger or longer options. If you find you have all types of things, buy something that accomodates both sizes. If you can’t find something that perfectly suits your needs, try to make it work  by being a little creative. For example, if a compartment is too large, cut out pieces of thick cardboard or even wooden pieces and arrange them in a cross for a quick fix to make smaller compartments.

junk-drawer-after-13) Execute: Once you know where and how you will keep all the junk drawer items, its a matter of execution.  Put the drawer organizers you planned in the previous step into place.  Then begin placing the objects into each compartment.  Try to put the items you use the most close at hand.  If you’re always grabbing for those scissors, put them in the front of the drawer for easy access. Remember, not ALL items must be sorted perfectly into compartments.  If you still have some items floating around place them in that area of the drawer thats not so perfect.  Just make sure they aren’t items you use a lot! 

Now at least there is some order to the chaos of your junk drawer! You don’t have to go searching through the drawer for an important item only to come up empty handed.

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