The Unveiling: The UN-Martha Stewart Column

November 29th, 2010 | Author: Wendy

The day has arrived.

Today I am starting the first day of a major transformation. After spending my life in a series of repetitive tasks in  search for perfection, I am going to raise the white flag and surrender to the battle.  The house has always been beautiful, the meals perfect, rarely ever would I repeat a recipe, my hair was straightened so every hair falls into place, the outfits were aligned in my closet by color with a separate rack for outfits picked out in advance.The laundry was done daily, and the holiday cards were done with matching outfits, care and precision. Nothing was sacrificed and all came at a cost.

I’m exhausted. My lower back aches, my gland are swollen, and I can feel the drip down the back of my throat from my body breaking down. This week I was lucky to get 5 hours of sleep a night. My husband was away on business which throws everything into a tail spin.  My work out partner Caroline  who I meet faithfully at 6am every day, took one look at my apparent deterioration.

“Are you sick?”

“No!” I replied looking at her long enough to formulate an answer. If I wasn’t sick then what was I?


Of course we laughed but truth be told, it wasn’t funny.

Given four days without anyone to coerce me to come to bed,  I was going to put up the Christmas trees (all 7), clean the garage, and clean the basement.

The self help books line my closet. The dust is just a reminder that I have one more book to read, or one more shelf to dust. The pharmacist has become my new friend. Still, I squander.

Why couldn’t I find peace?[/pullquote]  I NEED HELP, and thank goodness I found her, my helper.Kristin, Professional Organizer and owner of The Organized Lifestyle Store, has decided to take on the life of a perfectionist and try to put things into perspective so I can be happy. On Monday I will talk about one area of my life and on Tuesday she will restructure it so that it is realistic. She will tell me what I can be doing more efficiently. She will teach me how to prioritize. Most importantly she will help me to understand that it isn’t about perfection but rather about peace. Living in a world of information overload, the days of women trying to become the next Martha Stewart are over.  It is a marriage made in heaven.  It won’t be easy, but I am open to giving it a try.

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Stay tuned for Kristin’s response tomorrow!

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