The Fifteen Minute Pick-Up

Taking care of a household is a never-ending job.  There are always chores that pile up, messes that get worse with time and millions of other things in life that keep household chores low on your list of priorities.  Avoiding regular upkeep on these household tasks will surely allow them to spiral out of control.  However, gaining control over household tasks and staying on top of them can be simpler than it seems! Taking fifteen minutes out of your day to spend on these tasks can produce remarkable results with a low sacrifice. 

At first you will need to catch up with the clutter, repairs and cleaning that have begun to get out of hand.  This means you will have to choose one room per day or even per week that you will spend your fifteen minutes on each day.  Anything from getting trash thrown away and clutter organized to changing light bulbs and dusting surfaces.  Once you have caught up with the household you can now begin your Fifteen Minute Pick Up!  Spend your fifteen minutes each day to get ahead of the game.  You can choose to set up a schedule for yourself each week, i.e. Monday is laundry day, Tuesday is dishes, Wednesday is vacuuming, etc.  Or you can choose to tackle tasks spontaneously as needed.  Either way, by making a habit of taking only 15 minutes out of each day you will get ahead of your household tasks.  You may even find you have more time to do the things you truly enjoy now that your household duties are out of the way! 

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