Spring Cleaning Checklist

Warm weather energizes us and there is no better time to make your organizing goals a reality.
Here is a checklist of some areas to stay focused on and dig your home out of the winter doldrums.

Pick up clothes and tidying dressers and table tops.
Rearrange some furniture to create a different feel in your bedroom.
Flip and rotate your mattress, changing linens to brighter summer colors
Wash curtains and blinds.

Do an inventory of your clothes.
Discard broken toys or appliances, donate old clothing, and categorize the remaining objects so that they are easier to find.
Vacuum in the closet while it is empty

Defrosting the freezer and cleaning out the fridge is a good place to start.
Discard old food, expired products, and wash down the entire unit.
Check your pantry for unwanted items and wipe it down.
Repeat this process every 3-4

Wash all of those bathroom rugs that have sat on the floor for months.
Go through your medicine cabinet and look for expired medications.
Update first aid supplies and other items such as toilet paper.
Replace or wash the shower curtain.

Remember spring cleaning does not have to be done all at once and you can’t expect to accomplish everything in one weekend. Map out a plan and do a project a week.

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