Small Business Consulting

Are you having trouble keeping up with the duties of running your own business?  We can help you!

As small business owners, we know what it is like to wear all of the hats.  Sometimes you need help but don’t need a full staff or large payroll.  You may also find that you need help organizing your thoughts, creating your marketing plan, figuring out your priority tasks, managing your books, or just someone to bounce ideas off of.  An outside perspective can help you streamline your systems.  Setting up a functional office  space can be daunting when you do not know who to call for tech support, cannot keep up with paper management or feel overwhelmed by your daily duties.  We help you with everything from paper filing and office supply storage to wiring your computer systems, setting up back-ups and coordinating your tech gadgets to all work on the same systems, tracking your finances and mapping a marketing plan.  We work weekly, monthly or as needed on projects to help support you.

Our Senior Professional Organizer currently runs four businesses that are over ten years old  and has her Masters in Business Administration (MBA).  She has the experience to help.   If you feel overwhelmed by managing paperwork and office tech problems, hate making the decisions about what to actually keep in your office, or you find you are too busy to get started consider giving Livable Solutions Professional Organizing a call today.

Our team of professional organizers can help you make a plan and get organized.  With our experience, guidance and  enthusiasm we can make any organizing challenge easier.  Livable Solutions professional organizers have organized, homes, offices and small businesses in Connecticut since 2004.  Let our love of organizing be your motivation to achieve your goals.

Our organizing services include:

  1. Creating a step by step plan for you to follow independently or with us at your side
  2. Determining how to best configure your office space to work efficiently
  3. Creating a comprehensive paper and digital filing system for your business
  4. Helping you sort and determine what must go in your office space
  5. Setting-up your technology to work for you and your business on and off site
  6. Creating storage solutions to quickly identify your items
  7. Developing archiving systems, inventory systems and record retention plans
  8. Managing your bookkeeping
  9. Consultations to help you organize your business plan, marketing plan and help keep you accountable
  10. Helping you with time management and task completion strategies
  11. Guiding you on how to best use software and cloud based tools to manage your business
  12. Connecting you with our long list of trusted local resources to complete any technology related services, repairs, build shelving, clean or provide materials to complete your goals

If you need help with organizing your small business and want to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us (place link to contact page)