“Purpose” Your Rooms for Efficiency

pen and paperAssess Your Rooms

Walk through your house with a pen and a notebook, writing down the activities that take place in each room and the items associated with those activities. Then ‘purpose’ your space.  Note your desired use for each room, even if you are not using it that way currently. Remove anything that doesn’t relate to your proposed activity for that space. Start with one room, but keep the whole house in mind.
Think of rooms that have multiple purposes as several smaller areas, so it’s clear where items should be returned if they stray. If gift-wrapping is the designated activity for a certain part of the study and you find a spool of ribbon in the kitchen, you’ll know exactly where it belongs, and so will other family members.
This strategy lays the foundation for long-term change. By assessing your home and finding “purpose” in each room you’ll be able to see how certain activities and their supplies are strewn throughout the home―like paperwork, memorabilia, or toys–and work on containing them to one area.  This will help you to tackle clutter in the home.  If you are only “tidying up” without knowing your priorities this can be counterproductive. Using a `tidy up’ approach means you are rearranging rather than organizing. Sooner or later, the space relapses to its original condition.

Work on creating “purpose” for the spaces in your home today!

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