Preparing Your Closet For Spring

Preparing your closet for the warm weather is a huge chore, but it is also an opportunity to re-energize your closet space and create a more efficient storage system.

Our staff at The Organized Lifestyle have many ideas to help you with your closet dilemmas. In addition, our custom closet designer Carl Iaccarino of Carl’s Closet’s can help take your closet to the next level.

This month we have put some of our most popular closet items on sale to help your budget and improve your space.
Here are some tips to help you with your closet this month:

*Remove everything from the closet.
*Try on questionable items in front of a mirror. Invite a friend over to help you decide on keeping items.
*Sort clothes in to piles to keep, repair, sell or donate.
*Be realistic about what you will actually wear.
*Group clothes by type and/or color in the closet.
*Implement quick space savers like a rod doubler, uniform non-slip hangers or shelf dividers.
*Try to limit what you buy in the future. Go for quality not quantity.
*Keep a donation bag or box in your closet to pile items you no longer want for easy donation.

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