Plan an Outdoor Party in 5 Easy Steps

Be prepared for it all with these 5 easy steps for throwing a creative and fun outdoor party!

1. Store drinks (canned & bottled) in a cleaned out wheel barrow filled with ice. Keep extras in a collapsible Bungalow Smash Cache that zips closed, is insulated and can be used later on in many other ways. You can find these at

2. Place citronella scented geraniums around the sitting area along with citronella candles & incense to deter mosquitos. Keep lavender essential oil on hand which can be rubbed directly on the skin as a natural insect repellent.

3. Purchase small net tents to cover the individual food bowls and trays to keep flies & bees off.

4. Fall picnics and outdoor parties often result in bee stings since bees are more aggressive at this time of the year. A natural remedy which is available in most lawns is plantain. When a leaf is chewed and placed on the sting or bite, relief from pain is felt almost immediately. Plantain is known to draw out the poison and stinger and helps to prevent swelling and redness. Check out a weed guide to help identify this common weed. Both wide and narrow leaf works the same.

5. Have a plan should the weather not co-operate. Put up tents ahead of time which also offers protection against the sun.

drinks in a wheelbarrow

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