Packing Your Sports Bag – Solved!

Professional Organizer Kristin Mastromarino

Keeping the system for getting out the door quickly in the morning, and getting the dirty clothes back in the laundry by the evening should be as simple as possible.  With multiple kids this can be even more difficult to achieve without monumental efforts.  Here are some suggestions to make the organizational hassles of sports season less of a burden.

1) Pick one bag for each sport and although initially it may seem to be expensive try to have a separate bag for each one.

2) Get a pen and paper and make a list of everything that goes into each bag with your kids.

3) Type out the list on your computer and print it out. Once printed, laminate and three hole punch and tie it onto the bag with a string. Now you can check item by item to see if everything is there. The kids can also read the list on their own, thereby needing less help and giving you more time. They can also double check at the end of a practice to make sure all their equipment is there.

4) List suggestions could be for your lacrosse bag:

chest guard
shin guards
lax stick
lax balls
water bottle with name tag on it which should be filled and put in the refrigerator the night before
Appropriate case for cell phone or zipper pouch so it doesn’t get lost in the equipment.

5) Make sure the back of the label has your full name and phone number in case you forget the bag.

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