Pack for a Week in ONE Carry-On

You know the benefits of travelling light–there’s less to pack, less to lose, less to lug. Yet boiling down an entire week’s wardrobe to fit into a single carry-on requires giving each item serious thought before it actually makes the cut.  What you bring will of course be determined by the purpose of your trip, but this will get the ball rolling.


1) Select two pairs of pants (or skirts) and three shirts or tops (short-and/or long sleeved according to your destination’s weather and the formality of the trip), yeilding six possible combinations.  Stick to basic colors and jazz up with accessories.  Add a bathing suit, shorts, and a week’s worth of underwear and socks.  Bring workout gear if you plan to hit the gym.

2) Pack two pairs of shoes that work with all outfits.  Wear one on the plane or train along with your jacket.

3) Choose travel-size toiletries or put favorite gels or lotions in small lightweight containers with labels (try these!:

4) Use a shoulder bag or backpack to carry daily essentials.

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