1. Keep a checklist of things to pack which can be started weeks before your trip. Add to it as you think of things. Check off items as you pack and keep it by the door for last minute items as you leave.

2. To avoid wasting time at the luggage terminal, carry a briefcase & one carry on or garment bag.

3. Use a small suitcase with wheels and a place for your laptop to get through security with ease and to fit in the overhead storage unit on the plane.

4. If packing a cell phone, digital camera or computer, bring chargers and adapter( if going abroad). Your U.S. cell phone won’t work in most countries so purchase an international phone card.

5. Pack an extra battery for your computer if your seat on the plane doesn’t have a power port. Check to find out. Bring work to do while flying or catch up on reading that which you don’t normally have time to for.

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