Organizing Tip of the Day: Why I love Envirosax Bags

One of my favorite products that keeps me organized are Envirosax bags. There are many others like it on the market, but I used to sell them years ago in my store and still find a use for one almost everyday.  These foldable, stylish, reusable bags fit easily in purse, a bag, or in your car.  I use them for so much more than their main purpose, which is to be a recyclable shopping bag.  I always keep one in my bag/purse in case I need to pick up something on the road, need an extra bag to bring loose items I have accumulated throughout the day in my car to the house, or to run in the post office and pick up mail for a client.  They are also great as an impromptu beach bag on a trip where you don’t have a lot of room in your luggage.  How many uses can you think of for these bags?

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