Organizing Tip of the Day: Artkive your Children’s Artwork

Fellow Livable Solutions Professional Organizer Heather Collins discovered this amazing app we have started using with our clients.  It is called Artkive and it will completely change the way you save your children’s artwork, school projects and other keepsakes.  Instead of keeping the physical object you download the app (Artkive App), take a picture, assign it to the child, write a description and store it.  At the end of the year you can send off the pictures you want to Artkive and they will make a beautiful coffee table book commemorating the precious memories.  You can get rid of the objects and papers, have a virtual gallery for each kid that you can share with friends/relatives, and you have a great physical keepsake.  The service also offers a mail in option where you can just send the objects to them, they professionally photograph them and make the memory book.  It is inexpensive and a great way to reduce clutter!  We have been loving it for our clients and our own kids.

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