Organizing Tip of the Day: Are you using Google Inbox?

I am an avid Gmail user and love to teach people who to take advantage of all of the easy to use, free features that Gmail offers to maximize time management and e-mail management.  I view my e-mails through Google’s newest platform Google Inbox.  Here is a link to download it on your own computer: Google Inbox.  My favorite features include creating reminders to show up in your e-mail feed and e-mails coming grouped by categories such as purchases, social etc.  In addition, you can snooze e-mails to show back up in your inbox on the day you need to act upon them so they don’t sit there distracting you from what is most pertinent that day.  Google Inbox helps you keep the visual clutter out of your box and use your e-mail as a more effective task management tool.  If you are interested in learning more about using Gmail to your advantage you can set-up a one-on-one training appointment with me or schedule me to do a workshop to a group.  Get my contact information here:

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