Organizing Tip of the Day: 6 De-cluttering Projects for a Snow Day

As I find myself home all day for the second time in a four days due to snow I thought I would share this great article from The Washington Post, Snowbound: Tackle Tackle the junk drawer or even your taxes.  I look at snow days as bonus days to catch up on projects I usually ignore for lack of extra time. One of my greatest accomplishments this weekend was cleaning out the pantry, fridge and freezer.  Instead of running into the grocery store in a panic to stock up, we have been cleaning out our freezer by preparing meals with items we already have on hand.  We have more than enough ingredients to survive.  With a few online recipe searches for the main ingredients we have on hand we have made some great meals without leaving our house and we are seeing the back of our fridge again!   What have you tackled during your snowy weekend?

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