Organizer Mom: Organization Plan for 2016?

January is National Get Organized Month.  Do you know what your organizing goals are for this year?  Most people don’t even know how to begin making a plan, but there is something about this month that gets everyone thinking organization.  Maybe it is all of the ads and magazine articles hailing the latest organizing gadgets and ways to recharge your home spaces and time management skills.  I will happily admit it is one of my favorite times of year because my phone begins ringing like crazy!

Creating an organization plan for the year is much easier than you think.  Most people can walk through their home and tell me everything that annoys them, frustrates them or needs to be done in each room.  Capturing those thoughts may be all you need to get started.  Here are some easy steps to get focused:

  1. Grab a notebook or notepad and designate a page for each room in your house.
  2. Enter each room and note the following:
    1. The Purpose of the Room
    2. What items don’t belong?
      1. Items to donate, toss, move or repair.
    3. What frustrates you?
    4. How do you visualize the room?
    5. Organizational supplies/furniture needed to complete your goals
    6. Services needed (i.e. painter, dumpster etc.) to finish the space
  3. Now you have a basic outlined plan for each room – schedule time to tackle each space throughout the year based on your highest to lowest priorities.  Keep referring back to your notes for inspiration and focus.

If this doesn’t seem that simple, you are not alone.  That’s where a professional organizer like me helps people breakdown the tasks and create a simple to follow plan.  We have a special knack for seeing the steps in a cluttered space and automatically sorting objects in our heads. Check out the details of our services to help you create and implement a plan here

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