Organizer Mom: Create a Vision Board

One of my favorite activities every January is making a vision board for my 2016 goals, dreams etc.  It is pretty amazing to look back at the end of the year and see how well you accomplished your intentions.

Vision boards really help the creative and linear thinking person outline what they want to achieve or improve in their lives.  Law of attraction proponents argue that if you put it out it into the world you will attract and achieve it. By looking at the board each day you are reminding yourself about what is important to you.  The best parts about making a board is there are no rules…and it helps you get rid of old magazines.

I like to keep my boards from year to year so I use a page of scrapbooking paper as my base.  Once the board is done I slip it into a scrapbook so I can flip through and see how my boards have changed over time.

Here are my instructions for making your own.  Have fun!

Step One:  Gather Your Materials

  • Magazines (a great way to get rid of old magazines)
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper

 Step Two:  Gather your Pictures

Flip through the magazines and cut out pictures, images and words that resonate with you. You don’t need to know why.

Step Three:  Glue

Cut out the pictures and phrases you want to keep and glue them to a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper or pretty piece of scrapbook size paper.  This can also be done in a journal or notebook if you prefer. Glue down the photos in any random order. Have fun with this abstract thought process. Linear thinkers gravitate towards words where my creative participants use pictures in their board. Often, just picking photos helps you understand your learning process. Use markers or a pen to journal or write on the board if you want to as well.

Step Four:  Decipher the meaning of your vision board

Understand what the vision board is representing. It could be short term goals, a detailed chart of a specific goal such as building a new home, or it could be for long term goals in your life

Step Five: Hang the Board

Put your board in a place that you will see it and be reminded of your goals.

Step Six: Check In

Check in with yourself from time to time to monitor your progress.  Whether it is a monthly ritual or a daily ritual, spend some time reflecting on how close you are to reaching your goals.

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