Organize your Summer for Fun!

1. Have a Summer Plan:

Planning often takes a backseat as we try to keep up with all the fun to be had in the summer months. Instead of rushing around madly trying to accomplish every idea that comes to mind or “intending” to take that trip, make a plan! Make a list of your choices in your planner or a document in your computer. Prioritize them and make them happen!

2. Learn to Multitask:

Do you need to conduct business in another town or state? Think of ways for you to add some fun to the trip! Are there theme parks, museums, or other sightseeing adventures in the area? Investigate the possibilities!

3. Organize Weekend Vacations:

Some of the best vacations take place over long weekends. Leave on Friday and return on Monday night. You’ll return to work feeling refreshed and rejuvenated…and ready to plan your next weekend getaway!

4. Make Time for Family:

Winter tends to put us into a lazy pattern that often includes television and junk food, but little real bonding time. Take advantage of warm weather and school vacations to organize activities to do with the family. Think about how much closer your family could be after a white-water rafting trip or even a simple hike through the woods!

5. Try New Things!
Create your own opportunities this summer to do the things you always wanted to try.Read the entertainment section of your local newspaper and pick out a  fun activity or event to attend. Research a sport you never played or a even a book you never read and enjoy! Promise yourself that you’ll experience something new this summer…Come October, you might discover a whole new you!

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