Organize Your Photos After the Holidays

After the holiday season many people end up with a lot of great pictures of family and friends.  However, not many people take the next step: organizing these great photos!

If you have digital photos stored on your camera and/or computer you should start by determining what you wish to do with these photos.  The best thing to do first is save all your digital pictures in the same place on your computer for easy access.  Use some sort of system to organize the different photos in specified folders on your computer.  For example, photos from your Thanksgiving meal should be saved in one particular folder named Thanksgiving and Christmas photos in another labeled folder.  This will help you to maintain a system of organization for your digital pictures and make looking at your photos in the future a pleasant experience instead of a chore!  If you decide you wish to print these photos, the next step would be to look through your pictures and choose the ones you wish to develop.  Then, save those digital photos to a CD that you can easily grab and develop at your leisure. 

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