Organize Your Cleaning Products, Just in Time for Fall Cleaning

The beginning of September marks a change of season, a change of wardrobe, a change of schedule, and an overall change within your home!  Time to put away those summer clothes, start back-to-school schedules, and begin changing your summery home habits for cooler Fall routines.  Fall cleaning will help you transition to a more conducive home atmosphere!  During your precious Saturday hours, an organized, fully stocked broom closet will save you time, motivate you, and remind you what you need to do. If you don’t have a whole closet to devote to cleaning supplies, part of a pantry, a nook under the staircase, or a corner of a room will work, too.

Once you’ve designated an area for cleaning supplies there are a few specific items that will need a few solutions.  Follow the tips below to have the most organized cleaning station yet!

bag-cloth_300Problem: Rags everywhere.

Solution: Don’t put dirty rags back in the closet. It’s too hard to distinguish between clean and dirty ones. Launder them after use. Keep small clean rags in a hanging bag so you don’t have to worry about folding or stacking them. Larger towel rags can be stacked on a shelf.

cleaning and organizer caddy


Problem: Cleaning products are in a confusing pile on the floor or shelf of the closet.
Solution: Keep the products you use most in a handled caddy. Store the rest in a spot that is accessible but not in the way. One great product to help with this issue is the Cleaning Storage System. This storage system helps make cleaning easy and accessible with this shelf system. The wall-mount storage holder has a detachable caddy on top with a handle and lifts out for quick and easy use. It stores your cleaning products and scrubbers. The wall mount has slots for cloths and garbage bags as well as three hooks and four pole holders for mops, brooms, rags, etc. Perfect for the garage, mud room or laundry area to keep all your cleaning supplies neat and handy!


gloves-pair_300Problem: The insides of your rubber gloves are always damp, and they don’t dry well hanging over the side of a bucket or the sink.

Solution: Glue clothespins to the inside of your broom closet or door, and clip the gloves by a fingertip to air-dry, open-side down.  If you don’t want the pins permanently affixed to the wall try a hanging solution that is easily removed.


Mop and  Broom OrganizerProblem: Brooms, mops, and other long-handled cleaning tools clutter the floor.

Solution: Mount mop and broom holders on the back of the closet door or a nearby wall. They’ll be out of the way and can air-dry, yet are easily reached for quick clean-ups.  One great product aside from the Cleaning Storage System mentioned above is the Mop & Broom Organizer offered by The Organized Lifestyle Store.  This is a cheap and effective solution for storage of all your mops, brooms, dusters and other cleaning tools.  You can choose to either screw mount the organizer to a surface or use the self-adhesive mounting tape for a less permanent solution.

Problem: The vacuum cleaner is bulky, and always out of reach.
Solution: Position your vacuum cleaner front and center, so it’s easy in, easy out, making vaccuuming a less daunting task. If you can, hang the hose on a hook to free up floor space and to keep from tripping over it.

You can find the products mentioned and many more by visiting The Organized Lifestyle’s online store! Simply go to to view our wide array of products to help you organize your lifestyle!

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