Organize Seasonal Decorations

By the end of this week you’ll be wondering where the time went….and where to put all these great holiday decorations you spent days putting out!  There’s no need to put this off or dread this time of year as long as you have the right processes and tools for the job!

Follow these 4 quick tips to make storing your seasonal decorations a breeze…blowing you right into the New Year and all your organizational resolutions!

1) Keep fragile holiday ornaments safe in comparmentalized boxes.  Many cardboard units are available in holiday colors making them easy to spot among other boxes in crowded storage spaces. The Organized Lifestyle carries a few great options as well!

2) Use wreath boxes for storing artificial wreaths, garlands and large bows.  Or place wreaths and garlands on clothing hangers.  Protect them with plastic bags or, for items too large for standard size bags, covers made from old pillowcases or sheets.

3) Prevent snarled light strands by storing them in special boxes that come equipped with hanging plastic or cardboard grames to wrap the strands around.  Coling each strand and putting it in its own plastic bag also works well.  Store extension cords in the same box as the lights.

4) If you have limited long term storage space consider under the bed storage.  Also you can work on reducing closet clutter or the amount of holiday decorations you own in order to fit these important seasonal items organized and out of sight for the rest of the year! 

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