Organize A Dorm Room

dorm roomHow do you fit books, clothes, linens, computer and other necessities into a space no bigger than a prison cell?! The ultimate challenge is organizing in such a small and confined space. Follow these 4 steps and you’ll be on your way!

1) Find out what furniture is included with your room before you arrive.  Many dorms have suggested floor plans to maximize space; some schools won’t let you bring your own furniture. Knowing ahead of time will help you plan better and save money/time on returning items you can’t use.

2) Use a footlocker-style trunk and stackable, interlocking plastic crates to transport your things to school.  The crates can serve as storage units once you’re moved in! The trunk can double as a coffee table or end table.  Suitcases can store clothing and extra linens!

3) Bring only the clothes you’ll wear for the next few months if you plan on going home on breaks.  Fill in gaps and adjust for the season in spurts.

4) Maximize dorm space to the fullest! Store as much as possible under the bed; if you don’t need something on hand at all times the best place for it is under the bed or on a high shelf.  Increase available space under the bed with bed risers and storage designed specifically for underbed usage. Investigate ways to maximize closet space that will work for you. For example, multi-tiered racks, stacking open crates, etc.

The most important thing is the space is functional for you (and keeps your roommates feelings in mind)!

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