Make the most of your time at home

DAY 1:  Social Distance & Self-Care Challenge

As more and more of us face an uncertain time at home, we here at Livable Solutions Professional Organizing wanted to help inspire you each day make the most of your extra time to make positive improvements in your life.  All of our organizers are practicing social distancing and working virtually where we can in this time of COVID-19.  Staying organized in our homes while we are all in close proximity with our family is going to be even more challenging in the coming weeks.  That’s why we are here to help give you support, guidance and inspiration.

Many of you followed us last year at this time when we did our 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge. Now we would like to use this time to share tips and inspirations each day to help you forget about events you may not be able to control outside of your home, and help you gain control inside of your home.

Each day we will post a tip or action item you can do to work towards goals you may have had for a while, keep a routine, and keep you entertained.

Today’s Tip:  Make a Wish List

Take some time today to write down all of the things you wanted to do “when I have more time.”  Now you have time.  What can you do to maximize it?

It doesn’t even have to be decluttering related.  Do you want to paint more?  Read more books?  Finally tackle the spare room closet?  Dream big…you may have 8 weeks to accomplish it.

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