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Make an Organizing Plan for 2017

It is January and it is National Get Organized Month!  What are you doing this year to get more organized?  Now is the time to make your plan and start checking off the items you have been avoiding for so long.  It is also my favorite time of year because you can review, reset and revamp your habits and systems to better serve you.

Don’t know where to start? That is where we come in to help.  Consider booking an on-site assessment with one of our organizers to make a plan for the year.  We create the checklist/plan and provide you with the local resources/contacts, technological and product suggestions we think will individually help you.  Spend two hours with us and you will have a plan to meet all of your organizing goals for the New Year!  Find out more about our on-site assessment’s here: https://www.livablesolutions.com/home-organization-services/our-first-visit/

In the meantime here are some helpful questions to think about to get you jump started this year.

  1.  How are you going to organize your time?  Electronic or Paper Planning tools?
  2.  What are the biggest projects you have been putting off?  What would it take to get them done?
  3. What are three habits you wish you could change?
  4. How can you reduce interruptions in your life?  Can you turn off some phone notifications, unsubscribe from some mailing or e-mail lists?
  5. What activities do you want to do but don’t have time for?  What activities waste your time that no longer serve you?

To get help answering any of these questions and make a plan, give us a call at 203-623-5665 or e-mail kristin@livablesolutions.com.

Happy Organizing!


Owner/Professional Organizer

Livable Solutions Professional Organizing

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