Life’s Lists Instant Filing System Now Available

I am really excited to announce our Life’s Lists Instant Filing System is now available for purchase through our Life’s Lists Store.  There is no better time to get your files in order for the coming year than in January.

I created this printable Instant Filing System and printable pre-labeled filing tabs, working as a professional organizer, to help my clients take the thought out of where their paper should go.  Simply print the tabs, insert them in hanging files and you are ready to start filing! My 27 page guide explains what papers should be filed behind each tab and most importantly when they can be removed. (Note: These pages are for general advice.  Always consult your tax preparer or lawyer if you are unsure about your individual circumstances).

Remember that all of our readers get an extra 20% off through January 31, 2016 by using the code FBfriends20 at checkout.   Happy Organizing!


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