Imperfect Perfectionist – Preparing for the End of School

Wendy McGee

Soon my vacation will be over. In 10 days 6 hours (who’s counting?) my children will be released from school and summer will officially begin. I will miss the quiet in my house at 8:37 am when I can sit at the sink, and hear the humming of my refrigerator as I drink my coffee and plan out my day.
Time is fleeting and I am fully aware of the fact that I will never get these days back. I do enjoy them, it’s just that I don’t love thinking about them. The humming of the refrigerator will be replaced with slamming doors, towels will replace laundry, and instead of planning my day, my day will be planned for me. My time will belong to my children.

In preparation of the big event, I need to be skillful in planning the next two weeks. My house needs to be in order, my paperwork will need to be completed, all in an offensive moves to start the season. One of the things that I will do on the last day of school is organize the back packs, clean them and get them ready for the next school year.

Hmm, my windows are clean, my summer clothes have been moved over, and now I have to think through the rest of the house. Yesterday I went through the kids books and removed about 20 library books from school that I swore I didn’t have. My summer bags for our daily trips to the pool club need to be ready and I am starting to think through possibly having my kids make their OWN lunches this year instead of waking up to make 5 myself. On a good note, I can some of my chores out to the kids; laundry, watering the plants, and running the vac.

With kids going to camp, and families getting ready to vacation, I was hoping that Kristin could give us a timetable for the next two weeks to get things done. The clock is ticking.

Check in tomorrow for Kristin’s response!

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