1. Create a mail sorter with a slot for each family member. Perhaps a wall mounted wooden box with sections or individual magazine files (available at labeled with each family member’s name. Whoever brings the mail into the house is responsible for sorting it into the correct slot.

2. Keep a trash can and a recycle bag nearby. Toss or recycle any junk mail, newspapers or magazines immediately.
Log on to your city’s website to find out what can be recycled and how.

3. Open each bill to be paid, note the due date, write on the calendar 10 days before that due date to pay that bill if paying by mail. If you pay bills on-line, mark on the calender a few days before the due date to pay it.
Place the unpaid bill in a stepped desktop file in a folder labeled (TO BE PAID).

4. File the papers that need to be saved, such as taxes and personal documents. Consult with a tax preparer as to what needs to be saved and for how long. Shred any paper work that has your name, address, account numbers, social security number, etc.

5. Contact Direct Marketing Assoc. to have your name removed from junk mail lists.

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