Imperfect Perfectionist – Why Wendy Loves the Droid

I am now proud to say that I know what a Droid is and that I am a full fledge Droid user. It took me a while to get used to the idea that I didn’t I have a button that clearly stated “END” which could be dangerous if you are still talking and the person on the other end has yet to disconnect.
“I would rather get my foot caught in the door than go to my mother’s for dinner on Saturday.”

Suddenly you hear this random voice. “Hello? Wendy, are you talking about me?”

“Just kidding?”

One of the nicest features of my Droid is the apps. For those who aren’t familiar, for a nominal fee like .99 you can download a feature to your phone that can change your life. You can create a custom Christmas list, create a GPS, you can get music, Kindles, organize task, grocery lists, and do all sorts of things except clean your house and polish your shoes. My family isn’t please because I spend half of my waking moments with my face in the keyboard thinking it is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

My personal favorite was an app that was a vault for all my passwords. They tell you not to keep the same passwords for everything but then again how am I supposed to remember 25 different passwords? I go to my Amazon account staring at the screen thinking that if I were to stare long enough, the password would magically appear. This feature was great because you put the URL address down and you put the passwords in. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can always get the important information to get into your account without having to think about it, or so I thought.

My only problem now is that now I can’t remember the password to the app with all my codes. Help! I’m looking for a better way to store this information or a medication that will increase the size of my brain. Hey maybe there is an app for that?!

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