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The Imperfect Perfectionist can be found on or where she is partnering with Kristin Mastromarino from the to find a way to manage her time and feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

My plan over the summer has always revolved around a strong offense. Locally we are fortunate to have a pool club that is reasonably priced and loaded with activities for the kids. Even luckier, my best girlfriends joined as well with their kids; translation, built in entertainment.

In the center of the grounds is a pool with a concrete bottom that extends over one acre of property which ascends in depth as you walk further into it. This is where the little ones hang out because they can walk in to depths that don’t go over their heads and women congregate on the edge talking about anything and everything that distracts them from the fact that they are surrounded by a sea of toddlers. Often times you will hear “I’m sorry ladies and gentleman due to an unforeseen accident we must close the pond. It will reopen tomorrow.” Just like that the sea of toddlers dissipates and multiple cars follow each other out the parking lot hoping for more nice weather and better diapers tomorrow.

In the morning I would rouse the kids with:

“Girls get out of bed, change into your suit and bring your pajamas because you can wear them home.”

I would work them so hard that after eating (why cook with a snack bar?) and showering they would fall asleep on the way home. The best part? My house stayed perfect.


My question to Kristin Mastromarino from Organized Lifestyles is how to pack the beach bag and organize my tasks so that I can be out all day, come home to wash done and a clean house and put dinner on the table before 9pm.

We have wet towels, lunch materials, sneakers, tennis racquet’s, tennis balls, my briefcase, the tablecloth, showering tools, and a change of clothes. Also Kristin when I get home I have to make dinner now that the kids are older, water the plants, empty the cooler, and wash the towels and suits and repack for the next day. Any suggestions on: 


#1) What to Pack?
#2) How to Organize it- Of Course I will laminate a tag and attach it to the bag so they have their instructions for every day.
#3) How should I tally out responsibilities between 4 kids who are 8, 12, 15, and 16 to help me? Should I have them each pack a bag, and make their own lunch? Should I have one empty the cooler, one water the plants, one wash the towels, and one set the table?

I would love to get suggestions to get summer off on the right foot.

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