How to Create the Perfect Shopping List

Save more time for summer fun by taking less time in the grocery store! Shopping trips can take way too long especially on a sunny weekend day. Invest the time to organize your shopping list and every trip will become a breeze. Follow these simple steps below!

1. Take a clipboard along with you to your next shopping trip. Quickly map out the stores floor plan, listing the products stocked in each aisle.

2. When you get home set up a master list based on the floor plan.  Fit your list onto a single page using on column for each aisle.  You don’t want to hassle with stapling papers and sorting printouts.

3. Make space for quantities before each item.  You can fill these  in before each shopping trip.

4. Include boxes or bullets next to each item so they can be checked off as you put them in your cart.

5. Underline regular purchases for each aisle.  For example, if you buy skim milk or crackers every week, underline it.  You can always cross items off the list if you don’t need them.

6. Leave plenty of blank lines for items that may not be on the list but are needed for nightly dinners, special dinner parties, or for guests.

7. Test your list next time you head to the store and make any changes to things you notice aren’t working on your list.  The goal is to aim for one fluid trip from one end of the store to the other.

8. Make several copies and post them in the kitchen where the hungry masses can see it.  Train them to highlight items that need replacement or that are needed for the next week.  When you notice something is running low simply check it off on the list!

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