From Hell-On-Wheels to Well-Oiled Machine!

Ever feel like your vehicle is a moving office or a second home on wheels? Although it is sometimes helpful to accomplish tasks in traffic or reduce the risk of leaving important papers or gear behind by storing them in your car, clutter in such a small space can threaten to bury you.  The following suggestions may help you find ways to use your car space more efficiently!

swingaway driver organizerFront Passenger Seat to Mobile Office:

If you find you are keeping files, paperwork, PDA’s, laptops, cell phones and more in order to work on the road they probably end up all over the place.  A good solution to this is to create a mini mobile office in the front passenger seat.  A compartmentalized container on the seat can hold office supplies, files, and electronics.  One great product is the SwingAway Driver Organizer. This car organizer provides a place to tuck your phone, PDA, favorite CD’s, file folders and more securely into one of 8 roomy pockets. Have a passenger to accomodate? Simply grab the handle and swing the attached organizer around to the back for front seat passengers. Now you have a perfect mobile office right on hand when you need it or easily moved when you don’t! To charge more than just your cell phone purchase a simple adapter kit that has multiple plugs.  Now you can use your laptop, PDA and cell phone during soccer practice without running out of battery!

kids car organizerBackseat to Entertainment Center

If you have children they probably use the backseat of your car as a temporary playroom.  In fact, it can become dangerous to drive somewhere without a way to keep children occupied and entertained! The Kids Compact Car Organizer is a perfect way to end your child’s back seat boredom and eliminate back seat chaos. The center divider keeps everything in place. Identical sides with three pockets each hold games, CD players, books and drinks. Kids can convert the flip-top lid to a sturdy tray-top playing and eating surface or a nice table to finish up their homework. The compact organizer can fasten in the middle of a sedan with a seatbelt or sit on the floor between seats in a minivan setting. If more storage is necessary, hang an additional organizer behind the driver’s seat to hold more CDs, snacks, calculator, atlas, and other school supplies or games.

Trunk Area to Locker Room

If you find you have soccer cleats, ballet shoes, Tae Kwon Do uniforms, golf clubs and a little bit of scout collapsible binseverything else filling up your trunk space you may feel like your trunk has turned into a locker room.  Instead of fighting the build-up, work with the transition! Make use of vertical space with collapsible bins to hold all the sports equipment, water bottles, and coolers.   Just make sure these bins have handles and are easy to move so you can pull them out and store them in a garage or closet in the off-season!  One good suggestion are collapsible Scout Bins. They are poly-woven, water resistant and practically indestructable! Offered in a multitude of great colors and a variety of sizes to fit your needs.  To store uniforms or costumes the best way is to hang them up. Buy simple Car Hooks and hang up team jerseys for easy access and quick changes. Just make sure you leave an open area in the trunk space as alternate storage for things such as groceries or other temporary transitional objects.

floor litter bagQuick Tip

Another great item to add into any car is some sort of trash bin.  The bin can really go anywhere in your car.  Figure out where the most trash accumulates.  If your kids are gthe messiest then placing the bin in the backseat will help collect the garbage and make it easier for you to clean up! If you find you as the driver are the main trash accumulator you may want to place the bin closer towards the front for easy access while driving.  A great product for trash collection in any car is the Trash Stand Floor Litter Bag. This handy bag is leak proof and holds up to two gallons of trash. The bottom grip strip and weighted base hold it firmly in place. The sturdy lid closes to hide the mess while mesh pockets keep wipes and tissues handy.

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