Fall in Love with Organization!

This month at The Organized Lifestyle Store you can’t help but Fall in Love with Organization! We have so many exciting sales, games, and products YOU love that you won’t be able to resist.  Highlights include:

Product Scavenger Hunt for $25 Gift Certificate To the Store

We have set up a scavenger hunt throughout the store.  Stop by to pick up your scavenger hunt sheet.  On the sheet is a list of products that each staff member at the Organized Lifestyle has picked out as one “product we love”.  Hunt throughout the store for the products we love, write down the price, and fill in your contact information! Once you do you will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 gift certificate to the store so you can buy any product YOU love!

Secret Discounts Every Time You Find A Heart Sticker on a Product

We also have a TOP SECRET sale going on! As you shop, look for a heart sticker hidden on a few choice items throughout the store.  If you find a sticker on the product you get 20% MORE off the product you’re buying!

Learn to Love Organization

This month we have some GREAT workshops at the store to help you “learn to love” organization.  Check out the events section of our website for more information!

Visit our website for more information on all the great things going on in the store thoroughout the month of February.  For a complete list of the products we love click here!

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