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Decluttering Your Home – What NOT To Do

There are so many rookie mistakes made when decluttering your home that can discourage the process.  That’s why I loved this article from Apartment Therapy outlining the most common ones.  https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/pro-organizer-tips-what-not-to-do-when-decluttering-your-home-168836.

  • Buying containers before you know what you need to contain
  • Planning a project to big for the time and stamina you need
  • Moving on to new tasks before the first ones are complete

These organization methods could have you running in circles instead of checking off your goals.  I want to remind you thatt organizing is an ongoing process.  You set your goals, chip away at them with achievable tasks and you must continue to tweak and maintain the systems you committed to.

We are there to help you if you feel you cannot create a clear plan of action for decluttering your home.  Call us at 203-623-5665 or email info@livablesolutions.com if you feel you need that extra push to keep you accountable and focused.

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