Day Twenty-Two: 40 Bags in 40 Days Challenge – Trash to Treasure

Today is day twenty-two of the 40 Bags in 40 Days decluttering challenge.  Has giving up what you don’t need to someone who does made your heart swell?

My heart swelled today when I received an email from one of our participants.  She and her friend, who as also been in contact with me, made the decision to donate their wedding dresses to the Cradling Threads Project, which I talked about on Day Eight of the challenge.

Both women shared with me how touched they were by the story and the organization.  So much so that they gave a piece of their history to become a piece of another family’s history.  That is what almsgiving is all about.  We all have so much more than we need, yet there are so many other’s in need around us.

I was recently at the Naples Zoo in Florida with my family.  There was a wonderful exhibit of artwork around the zoo made from debris washed up on the shore.  From flip flops, bottle caps, coolers, netting, and other trash swept up by the ocean, the artists made these incredible sculptures of sea creatures.  My kids got so excited every time we turned a corner and saw another work of art.  Here is the link so you can learn about this organization and see the beautiful sculptures on display:

I was so impressed with what an artist could do with a bunch of washed up plastic.  The power of creativity and recycling can bring so much joy.  These two organizations are doing that for families. 

Next time you debate holding on to an item you have no use for, remember the value in turning trash into a treasure for someone else.

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